Top 5 Reasons for Starting a Blog

Include more insightful information here. Give examples and share your experience. Use emotions to keep the reader engaged. Short sentences and paragraphs with 5-6 sentences are easier to read. You don’t want the reader to get lost in a sea of text.

You should use these amazing vitamins. Or this fantastic hair brush!

Link to affiliate products and highlight more than just one word. Longer links are easier to click, especially from a mobile device.


Work on your own, already busy, schedule.

Time for extracurricular mom activities is not always conveniently available at the same time every day or every week. By blogging, I have the freedom to write when I can. I can write if I wake up before my alarm (rare, but it does happen!), have time during my lunch period at work, come home and my husband is already off work, have energy after the baby is down for the night, or just feel like staying up later, because I have an idea I don’t want to forget. “Schedules” and “children” don’t often appear in the same sentence, so it is our job, as busy workers and parents, to take advantage of any opportunity for creative expression. Do something you love, when you can, as often as you can.


Write about and share things that are important to you.

Add more amazing information here and go into detail why you love the products you’re recommending.

You can even recommend a more expensive product, such as a fancy shampoo or blow dryer. The more expensive the product, the more likely the reader will be searching for a review online. And if they do end up purchasing the expensive product, you’ll receive a higher commission. Like this biotin shampoo that I just bought for myself because I’m 5 months postpartum with my little guy.


Take time for self-care.

A super quick and basic lesson in SEO (search engine optimization) is to Google the root of your title, in this case, “postpartum hair loss”, and see what comes up. Use the top questions displayed from Google to add to your post. Make sure to answer those questions in your post.

Lastly, scroll all the way to the bottom of the search results and look for the related searches. As you can see, in the title of this paragraph, I used a few of those keywords.

  • You can also use bullet points.
  • This makes it easier for your reader to get the information they need from your post.
  • It also pulls the reader through the post and breaks up the sea of text.

Record the best, most challenging, and character-building moments of your life.


Get paid for helping others solve problems or teaching them something new!

Always end your posts with a question to your reader. You want your readers to engage, share and leave comments with your articles. Whenever you can interact with your readers, do it, it builds trust and a relationship!

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